The freshest possible fish.


We sell premium wild Alaska FAS (Frozen At Sea) King and Coho salmon. Our fish are caught individually hook and line then go through a multi-step process to ensure they receive the best care in handling and remain as fresh as possible.


The fish are gently landed, headed, pressure bled, meticulously cleaned, and glazed with seawater for longevity.

Within 60 minutes of being caught, the fish are put down to freeze in a minus 40 degree blast freezer ensuring the highest quality fresh fish.


Premium fresh fish isn't possible without meticulous care and a cleanly operation. That's why we make sure every detail is intentional and every surface is clean above and below deck.

Anchor winch on the bow of the Bella Dawn
Where the wild alaskan salmon is frozen at sea
gaf hooks used to capture wild salmon i alaskan waters
The flashers and fish hooks used on the bella dawn to capture the salmon used in Sitka Wild Seafoos jarred samon
xtratuf boots, the alaskan sneaker commonly used on fishing boats in alaska
Bella Dawn's deckhand red taking in the scenery of sitka


Our fish are sold direct to market as frozen-at-sea product, and also jarred into our Sitka Salmon Silvers smoked salmon. You can purchase our Sitka Salmon Silvers in retail stores throughout Sitka, or direct from us on our website.

Try our smoked, jarred salmon →

A beautiful spread of food to pair with Sitka Wild Seafoods jarred salmon
jarred salmon, apples, cucmbers, grapes, cheese, bruschetta
A jar of smoked sitka silvers on a wood round
serving up some plates of jarred salmon on bruschetta, and various fruits and vegetables